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Happy new year! Why not celebrate 2023 by joining us at the eGaming centre! 

The eGaming centre is currently open at the following times for Bingo's all in EST time:

Monday - 12pm 
Tuesday - 7pm 
Thursday - 7pm
Friday - 12pm 

Saturday - 12pm

While the Taptix room remains open outside of these hours as well as during.


Our community needs your help!
Please support your local charities by volunteering

Click on the respective charity in the list you wish to help and reach out to them directly! They need volunteers like you! 

REMINDER -  Online training for volunteers can be accessed over at  https://www.charitablegaming.com/volunteer-training

Continuing to support the bingo hall even in the Tap tik machines still helps your community out and goes to many charities who need your support now more then over. Bingo sessions are back but with limited prize boards, and limited amount of people to make it remain safe for those attending as possible. Please be kind and courteous to everyone there, everyone is trying there best. 



2020 and Covid-19 brought monumental changes to Columbus House (Pembroke) Inc. programming and operations.  Columbus House operates residential services for youth, young parent support, licensed childcare, and alternative education/life skills/mental health support for youth.

As with most not-for-profits, we needed to be very creative in raising funds to support the population we serve.  We were able to take advantage of most government supports in order to maintain our staff so their efforts were concentrated on our youth.  We were very pleased when Delta Bingo was able to open their TapTix room and we began to see some revenue from a source that we depend on.

Not all of our programs were affected negatively by the new Covid-19 restrictions.  Our Young Parent Support Program has shifted significantly with extremely positive results.  We closed our in-person classrooms in Renfrew and Pembroke and pivoted to strictly outreach.  In this way we have increased the number of young families through a combination of on-line learning, closed social media groups, pre-recorded webinars and workshops, real time videos, and weekly face to face visits when possible. We are now reaching pregnant and parenting youth under 24 throughout Renfrew County.  They are no longer restricted to requiring some classroom education, or restricted by transportation in order to get to either site.  Renfrew County is 2/3 larger than PEI.  We have no public transit system, even in the largest city of Pembroke.  The revenue generated through Delta Bingo helps with the gas costs to reach our clients.  This revenue has also supported our clients in assisting with the cost of educational supplies, age appropriate children’s books and toys, recreational and personal supplies.  Our clients were incredibly grateful at Christmas for mitts, boots, bob skates, and ‘cookies in a jar’ mixes.  Each week, our facilitators deliver food vouchers and/or some small item to help them in a very isolated time we are all experiencing.  Through these visits our facilitators are able to review the mental health of our clients and make appropriate referrals if needed, or simply programming tweeks for the benefit of all. 

We are all looking forward optimistically to 2021 and some return to normality. Our Bingo volunteers (of which I am one) are enthusiastic to return to the hall when it is deemed safe to do so.  We are unsure if we will change our Young Parent Support Program since we have seen such success and positivity from both our staff and our clients.  The proceeds from Delta Bingo will be instrumental in providing funds for the transportation costs and small supports still required by our pregnant and parenting youth.

Thank you!

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